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Ways To Enjoy The Great Outdoors Right Now

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Practicing safe social distancing doesn't mean you have to stay inside the entire time! There are many ways you can stay active and get a change of scenery, especially if you'll be home for the next few weeks.  Camping is all about enjoying the great outdoors, which is why we've put together this list of ways your entire family can take advantage of this time to explore nature—even from the comfort of your own home. 

1. Go on a "nature hike"

You don't need an official hiking trail to explore your natural surroundings in a whole new way!  You never know what you may see, from beatuiful plants, birds, greenery, and waterways. Bring a pair of binoculars to turn this "walk" into a full-on nature hike, and take photographs of the various plants and animals you find interesting.  You may just see something unexpected and appreciate your neighborhood that much more! 

2. Create chalk art masterpieces 

Creating works of art on the sidewalks and streets in neighborhoods around the country is becoming a popular activity! Now that neighbors are more likely to be outside and take walks, have your kids write encouraging messages to anyone who may pass by. Or, get creative and have them make their own pieces of art to brighten someone's day.

3. Go stargazing

This is an especially fun activity if you live away from city lights since you can stargaze in your own backyard! If you live in an area with a lot of light pollution, hop in the car for a short ride and find an open field away from lights so you can see more. You can use binoculars to see many heavenly objects, but a telescope makes the experience that much better. Make Identifying and viewing different planets and constellations easy by downloading a star map onto your smartphone, like the StarTracker app. This app uses your phone's GPS to give an accurate view of the sky above your current location at any given moment. 

4.Have bubble fun 

Create your own unique bubble wands using common household objects like a fly swatter, straws and string, and cookie cutters. You can even make life-size bubbles with a kiddie pool filled with soap and water and a hula hoop. Have a member of your family stand inside the center of the hula hoop. Pull up the hula hoop from the bottom of the pool and watch as that family member is literally encased in a bubble! There are many other ways to have fun with bubbles. View more fun bubble activities here!  

5. Read, read, read!

Now's the time to catch up on all those books you've been meaning to read but never got the chance. There's no place like outside to enjoy the sounds of nature, relax, and unwind with a good book. Try taking an hour every day to have quiet reading time outside. 

6. Outdoor classroom

Did you love when your teacher let you have class outside when you were in school? Now's your chance! Take advantage of your kids' online classes and have class outside. It will be a nice break for everyone and will give your kids a boost of energy due to the change of scenery. 

7. Go camping

 YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK™ in Robert, Louisiana is open for camping!  With 450 campsites and 96 acres of space, you can safely practice social distancing at Jellystone Park and enjoy a little trip away from it all. To ensure the safety of our campers and staff, we're offering limited Rec Center activities and the Ranger Station is open for propane and ice only. 

During these uncertain times, you may just want a break from it all. That's why Jellystone Park is here to help you get away, enjoy the great outdoors, and relax while practicing safe social distancing guidelines. Call us at 985-542-1507 or reserve your campsite online

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