Visit JELLYSTONE PARK™ for Field Day!
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Visit JELLYSTONE PARK™ for Field Day!

Planning a field day for your school this spring? YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK™ in Robert, Louisiana is a great place to host your field trip! With 100 acres of family fun, we have tons of activities to entertain all the "cubs!" If you're looking for group activities for your field day agenda, we've assembled a few ideas to get you started!

Parachute games 

Parachute games are great for field days because the entire class can participate together. There are many games you can play with a parachute, you just have to be a little creative! One favorite (especially with younger children) is Popcorn, where everyone waves the parachute up and down while foam balls are thrown on top. Kids love watching as the balls fly high into the air. Another game is Color Exchange, where students that are holding onto a particular color of the parachute have to run underneath it and switch places once their color is called out. Ending parachute games with "dome" or "mushroom" is a good way to settle everyone back down. In this game, everyone lifts the parachute as high as they can and quickly steps inside and sits on the corners to create a large dome.

Pool noodle obstacle course 

This field-day game is inexpensive, easy to set up, and safe for children of all ages. You can design a pool noodle obstacle course in several ways, from creating hurdles by securing the noodles in arches to the ground or tape them into circles for a ball-tosses. Get some inspiration for your obstacle course from PBS.

Rabbit hole tag

This is a twist on a classic game of tag. In various areas of the playing space, set up "rabbit holes" by using cones and hula hoops. The person who is "it" is the fox, and others are rabbits. If a rabbit steps into a rabbit hole they are safe and cannot be tagged. Set limits on how many people can be in a rabbit hole at once, as well as how long they can stay.  If a fox tags a rabbit, that person is now "it." This version is inspired by a similar game for preschoolers, which can be found here.

Beach ball races 

In this relay-style race, students work together to carry a beach ball from one point to another without using their hands. For an added challenge, run the race several times, setting different parameters on how the students need to get the ball to the other side. The first team to have all their players cross the finish line wins. Get full instructions and see other field day games here

Scavenger hunt

Take advantage of the nature trails around Jellystone Park with an interactive hike. Make a list of common things you may find on a nature trail like leaves, wildflowers, and wildlife. Have students draw pictures of the animals they may find, or do rubbings of leaves and tree bark with crayons. After the hike, gather the class together to discuss what they saw. 

Field trips at Jellystone Park 

Jellystone Park is a great place to host your field trip or field day. Concerned about bad weather? Not to worry! Our 6,000-foot indoor facility, The Dome, is suited for any field day activities you may have planned. Our covered Recreation Center is also available to accommodate large groups.  We offer a variety of field trip packages that include access to the many amenities at our Louisiana campground like watersports, mini-golf, swimming, and more. Learn about package options on our website.

There are so many ways to enjoy a field day or field trip at Jellystone Park, we know the "cubs" will love it! Ready to book your field trip? Call us at 985-542-1507 to get started. As an added bonus, receive 10% off your booking if you reserve your field trip by February 15th!

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