Top 5 Jellystone Weekends You Won't Want To Miss

Top 5 Jellystone Weekends You Won't Want To Miss at Yogi Bear Campground in Robert La image of blog title with yogi bear campground trademark logo in top left corner and yogi with girlfriend bear in lower right cornerIf there's one thing we love here at Jellystone Park, it's a good ol' fashioned celebration! Fun is just another part of life here in Robert, LA, and we're doing our darndest to help keep the good times rolling.

At Jellystone Campground, we put a lot of thought into how we can celebrate during all times of the year. That means coming up with fun and exciting themes for each and every one of our guests.

It's hard to pick even just one favorite, but today we're going to show off some of our best and biggest upcoming celebrations of 2021!

Our Top 5 Favorite Themed Weekends At Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park

Although we offer something new and fun for every weekend in the camping season, these are our favorite events that you just can't miss out on.

1. July 16-18: Super Soaker Weekend Reloaded

From July 16th to the 18th, kids of all ages can experience the thrill of water sports with our three-day super soaker extravaganza! Cooldown and suit up for some of our fan-favorite activities, including our signature “Hey” Ride, exciting recreational activities in the water, and some fun performances from local bands. Everybody gets splashed, and everybody has fun! Grouches need not apply.

Just as a side note, we at Jellystone Park want everyone to have fun without getting hurt. That means packing water guns only. Leave your water balloons and strong sprayers at home.

2. August 27-29: Blast From The Past Decades Weekend

It's time for a throwback -- a really big throwback! During this weekend in August, we're going to be revisiting some of our favorite decades, from the romantic 1950s to the groovy 80s.

Pack your disco shoes and your bell-bottom pants, because we're ready to hit the dance floor! The team at Crossfire Band is going to rock our worlds with some funky tunes from days gone by. Have a request? Let us know! We want to make sure we're representing all our favorite classics.

3. September 24-26: Purple & Gold Tailgate Party Weekend

Grab your LSU merch and get ready to cheer! The Tigers are back on display, and this year, we're planning on sharing the love all the way from the Robert, LA woods. We're going to kick things off with some purple and gold-themed arts and crafts, some yummy football food, and lots of your favorite music.

Geaux Tigers!

4. October 8-10: Pumpkin Patch & Kiddie Carnival Weekend

We're ready to start celebrating the spooky season with some not-so-spooky festivities! Don your costume and enjoy our scenic pumpkin patch, where younger kids can take part in the holiday festivities without getting spooked. Finish your themed weekend off with a seasonal fall festival made just for the kiddos. 

Let your creativity shine by dressing the whole family in Halloween costumes before setting out to trick-or-treat all over the campground. Make sure to bring candy for all those pretty princesses and pirate captains!

5. November 24-28: Thanksgiving & Christmas Celebration With Anniversary Party

Every year, we have a wonderful seasonal potluck with plenty of food for everyone! Come celebrate Yogi's anniversary (and the upcoming holiday season) before heading back home for time with family, friends, and loved ones.

Book Your Favorite Weekend At Jellystone Park In Robert, LA

Did you see something on the list you liked? Us too! If so, why don't you make some reservations down at the campground to take part in our award-winning weekends? We'd love to have you by!

If you can't make up your mind between multiple weekends, why not drop in for all of them? We've got all sorts of ways to stay, from cabins and troop houses to tent sites and RV lots. Camp your way for any number of our themed weekends, and let the fun begin.

We'll see you there!

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