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Tips for Getting Comfy While Tent Camping

Yogi bear sleeping cozily in a tent next to a campfireThere’s never been a better time to enjoy a family camping trip, but if your family is apprehensive, it may be hard to convince them to come with you. One major set back for those who don’t want to camp is that they are uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in a tent overnight. While tent camping is very different from sleeping on the mattress at your house, today’s modern conveniences make tent camping more comfortable than ever before. Here are our top tips for staying comfy while tent camping! 

Pick the right tent 

Tents have received a significant upgrade from four sticks and a canvas covering over the years. Picking the right tent for your family will make all the difference in your comfort level while tent camping. For the ultimate experience in tent camping luxury, go for a cabin tent. These tents sleep anywhere from six to twelve people and have added features like awnings, vestibules, and dividers for a customizable camping experience. Ventilation within the tent is also an essential part of getting comfortable in a tent. Choose a tent with plenty of mesh windows so that air flows nicely throughout the tent, keeping it cool overnight. 

Choose the right campsite 

You’re bound to find the right campsite for your family when you camp at our Louisiana campground. We offer 450 campsites around our property, so you can choose whether you want to be close to bathing facilities or enjoy a more secluded camping experience. Inspect the campsite before pitching your tent, clearing rocks, sticks, or bumps. Avoid pitching your tent on concrete, especially if you plan to sleep in a sleeping bag. 

Pack the right clothing 

Check weather reports closely before your trip to make sure you bring the right clothing, including rain gear and boots. Hot days quickly become chilly nights when tent camping, so make sure you bring extra blankets and clothing to stay warm and cozy overnight. If it’s going to be warm overnight (but not rainy), try sleeping without your tent’s rainfly, so there’s plenty of airflow throughout the tent overnight. 

Bring the right gear 

Most of our campsites allow you to park your car close to where your tent will be, so take advantage of the extra space to pack some comfort items. Your comfort level will increase drastically if you sleep on an air mattress. Bring your favorite pillow from home to provide another level of comfort. Also, create an easy set up if someone needs to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Keep flashlights and headlamps easily accessible, and line up shoes right outside the tent to make getting out of the tent in the middle of the night easy. 

If you are having trouble sleeping, you can also bring an eye mask and earplugs. However, using these items means you’ll miss falling asleep under the stars and won’t hear crickets’ sounds as your drift off to sleep! 

Keep the critters out 

While tent camping, especially overnight, your comfort level comes down to how mindful you are with your activities in and around the tent during the day. Be careful when opening and closing tent doors throughout the day to limit the amount of time insects, dust, and dirt can accumulate inside the tent. Inspect your tent before arrival to make sure there are no rips, holes, or tears a creature may use to make its way into the tent. Also, hang a bug lantern at the top of the tent overnight to keep bugs and mosquitos away from your face.  Also, don’t store food in your tent overnight—that may attract a midnight visitor. 

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