The Best Camping Activities for the Spring

The best camping activities for the spring with Yogi Bear Campground in Robert, La.; Yogi and friends on a street car on a beautiful spring dayWith YOGI BEAR™ and friends out of hibernation and events resuming in March, it’s time to plan your trip to YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™! Our campground in Robert, Louisiana, offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy a spring camping trip with the family. Here are a few activities you can plan to do with your family around the campground!

Rabbit hole tag

Easter will be here soon, and this version of tag is perfect for celebrating the holiday. This game is best with more than four players. To play, set up "rabbit holes" in a large open field (your campsite will do just fine) using hula hoops that are placed randomly throughout the playing area. Select a person to be "it." This person is the fox, and all the other players are rabbits. The fox chases the rabbits in classic tag fashion—but if a rabbit hops into one of the designated rabbit holes, they are safe and can't be tagged. To make the game fair, limit how many people are allowed in a rabbit hole at once and set time limits for how long they're allowed to stay.

Nature hike bingo

Arrange items you may commonly see on a nature hike on a bingo sheet. Items can include plants, trees, flowers, and wildlife. Depending on the age of your children, you can get more advanced with the type of items on the list for an educational and fun camping activity. Make sure you include pictures for younger "cubs" who are participating. Give each family member a card before heading out on one of the hiking trails at Jellystone Park. As you enjoy your hike, have family members cross off items they see along the way. The first person to cross off enough things to get bingo wins a prize (or bragging rights). Create your own nature hike bingo sheets here!

Raindrop art masterpieces

This activity helps you embrace a rainy afternoon and create a stunning work of art at the same time! You'll need to pack a few craft supplies from home in order to do this craft, like watercolor paints, paintbrushes, and paper. Start by painting designs on paper using watercolor paint. Before the paint dries, bring the drawings outside and secure them on a picnic table with rocks. Let the rain fall onto the pictures, which will create beautiful ripple designs on the original drawings. Once the rain stops and the paper dries, your finished masterpiece will be a unique blend of beautiful swirling colors and splatters! Get inspired by other rainy-day camping activities here.

Have a picnic

This good old-fashioned camping activity is one of Yogi Bear's favorite camping pastimes! Times have changed, and so has picnicking. Whether you’re enjoying a picnic with the family or a romantic meal outdoors, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a picnic at Jellystone Park. Bring a picnicking backpack, which is filled with all the utensils, cups, and glasses you’d need, or level up your picnic food options with a DIY charcuterie board.


Another ultimate camping pastime, fishing is a great activity to do in the spring! Cooler weather and low humidity make it a great time to spend an afternoon fishing with your family. Get some great bonding time with your children around the two fishing lakes at Jellystone Park in Robert, Louisiana. Don’t worry about bait and tackle if you forgot it at home. The Ranger Station at the front of the campground has many essential items you need to have a great time at the campground.

Stay and play at Jellystone Park this spring

There’s never been a better to plan your weekend camping trip. Only an hour away from Baton Rouge and New Orleans, spending the weekend at Jellystone Park is a great getaway with the family. View our event calendar to see what’s going on when you want to visit, then book your campsite online!

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