Scouting Activities at YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK™
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Scouting Activities at YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK™

At Jellystone Park in Robert, Louisiana, we welcome scout troops of all kinds! We understand that a scout camping trip isn't just about camping itself, but it's about bonding as a team and the valuable life skills scouts learn during the trip.  Here are some activities scouts can participate in while staying at Jellystone Park, and the skills they'll learn along the way. 

Navigation activities

Being out in the great outdoors while camping is the perfect place to practice navigation skills. Activities can include compass-based races and relays and tend to vary in complexity based on age. Check out a few scout resource guides to find activities that are appropriate for the particular age group of your scouts.

Cooking and food-prep

Any meals that need to be prepared while on your camping trip are great opportunities to teach scouts the importance of food safety practices. These include washing hands, using bandanas to keeping hair tied back, food storage, and clean up practices to keep the campsite protected from wildlife. If you need some ideas about what kinds of meals to prepare at your campsite, check out our previous posts about tips for camping food-preparation and great campfire recipes

Campfire games

Sitting around a campfire is a must-do when camping and there are many games you can play to engage the entire group in this camping pastime (see our previous post about campfire game ideas here). These include games like Boom Chicka Boom and add-on stories everyone can participate in. In addition, building a campfire is a great time to help scouts learn about the basics of fire safety!


An extremely important skill for any scout is to learn basic first-aid techniques, and what better way to learn than while on a group camping trip? Have the entire troop prepare the first-aid kit before arriving, then present real-life scenarios of when someone may need first-aid. Have members of the group explain what they'd do to treat them in specific situations. You can even go as far as to bring dolls or stuffed animals to practice on so scouts can get an idea of how to treat various injuries.

Earn badges

 There are so many badges scouts can potentially earn during just one visit! It's a good idea to only focus on one or two per camping trip and develop activities based around those particular badges. Boy Scouts can earn various badges, including navigation and overall camping merit badges. The Girl Scouts also have a general camping badge that focuses on eight essential camping skills with various levels that can be added to the badge. 

Troop facilities at Jellystone Park 

Located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, our Louisiana campground is set up so that camping with your troop is enjoyable. We have over 350 campsites and a variety of cabin options that will fit any group's needs.  For an upgraded camping experience, troops can stay in our Troophouses. These dormitory-style accommodations sleep 12 and include outdoor kitchen facilities, a BBQ pit, and picnic tables. Group activities are great on our outdoor sport-courts, at The Dome (a large indoor facility), and the Rec Center. Plus, with activities like canoeing, kayaking, hiking trails, playgrounds, and mini-golf, everyone in the troop will find something to do during designated free-time. 

Jellystone Park in Robert, Louisiana is a perfect place to bring your scout troop for a camping trip. One particular weekend that is great to bring the scouts is February 28th through March 1st for our Rake and Bake Weekend. Scouts camp for free that weekend and cabins are 40% off. In exchange for helping clean up the campground for when YOGI BEAR™ and friends come out of hibernation, scouts will get a free appreciation lunch on Saturday and can enjoy the Rec Center party on Saturday night. Ready to join us? Reserve your campsite online now! 

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