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PUMPKIN PATCH WEEKEND, October 5th through 7th


At one point in the Park’s history and we believe it was around 1997 or 1998, one of the LeBlanc Family Members decided to add a ‘NOT SO SCARY WEEKEND” for the little ones that just might be too scared for the really big SCARY weekends yet to come.

This weekend we are calling Pumpkin Patch!!!  It is really “A Grandparent’s Favorite”  They will get to see their wee ones all dressed up in their new costume from newborns on up.  The cameras are sure to come out for this event.  It's going to be a very fun, very not so scary “FAMILY” weekend here at Jellystone in Robert, LA! GET YOUR COSTUME ON AND DRESS THE LITTLE ONES!!!

Besides all the exciting things that our awarding winning Recreation Program has in store for you and your family, you won’t have time to slow down.  As always, we will have most of our standard Recreation Activities.  At 9:30am, your children will love walking on of the Bears from the cave to the front flagpole for the Good Morning Flag Raising Ceremony.  The Bear will then walk back home and you can hop on the wagon for the Pumpkin Patch “Hey” Ride parade! So bring the kiddies to this event to show off their costumes.

They will get to visit during the day with one of the bears, enjoy doing arts and crafts at the Rec Center, and playing so many fun games!  Later in the afternoon, there will be Trick or Treat time.   This is your family time to walk or pull your children’s wagon along to visit every campsite and load up on all the loot available throughout the Park.  We believe the adults will have more fun sometimes than the kiddies all while they are eating the kid’s candy!!  You know who you are.

Please remember that the Park will close in the camping areas.  There will be no vehicles, golf carts or bicycles able to move throughout the Park for the safety of the children.  And don’t forget,  BRING YOUR TRICK OR TREAT CANDY!!  There will be a lot of ghosts and goblins that are ready for their sugar fix.

Later in the day after Trick or Treating, there will be a wonderful Ranger’s Fifty Cent Barbeque.  At the BBQ, Ranger’s Great Cooking Crew will be serving hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and soda, all for only Fifty Cents each with the fixings ready for you and the family to get fueled up for the rest of the evening.  After you get your fill of the delicious BBQ goodies, make a dash over to the Yogi Dome to get your tickets for the Kiddie Carnival.  Tickets will be four tickets for $1.00 or $6.00 worth of tickets for $5.00.  WHAT A DEAL!!

There will be many, many games which cost from two tickets on up including one of the all time favorites, the Cake Walk, done by no other than Ranger Maurice.  (He is just a big old kid himself!)  If you think you are too big to go to the Carnival, Dr. Ted’s DJ will be going on in the Rec Center where you can do the Monster Mash and get down to other all time favorites.

This “Grandparent’s Favorite” themed weekend will be jam-packed with everything from games to candy and many childhood memories.  All proceeds from the Kiddie Carnival will be donated to Sisters of the Living Word in memory of Sr. Lynda Rink, SLW, who was a long time friend and supporter of Yogi Bear and the LeBlanc Family.  So come on out for the best “NOT SO SCARY WEEKEND” AND WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!

And as we always say, “It’s a great day at Yogi Bear!!”

From Your Favorite Crew at Yogi Bear in Robert, LA


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