Jellystone Park Welcomes Evacuees After Hurricane Ida

blog title text over image of Yogi Bear Mascot waving outside at Jellystone Campground in Robert LAEvacuees Find A Safe Place At Jellystone Park In Robert, LA


Almost a month after the effects of Hurricane Ida, thousands of Louisiana residents are still without a permanent place to stay. Homeowners directly in the hurricane's path, including the parishes of Lafourche, Terrebonne, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. James, and Tangipahoa, observed the worst of the storm. Recent estimates indicate a damage toll of more than $31 billion.


“It’s been a rollercoaster ride,” said Debbie Bailey, a New Orleans hurricane evacuee. 


“A lot of people are still displaced, and a lot of people still don’t have anything.”


According to meteorologists, Ida is considered one of the worst storms ever to make landfall in Louisiana. Second, only to Hurricane Katrina over 16 years ago, first responders around the country are still assessing the damage. For homeowners in the hurricane's path, there may still be no place to call home.


Hotels and resorts around the Southern United States are pitching in whatever they can, offering food, shelter, and medical support for the victims of Hurricane Ida. Others are providing a temporary home away from home for victims and their families.


This includes Jellystone Park of Robert LA, a camping resort with 450+ camping sites, cabins, and RV plots.


The company recently revealed in a Facebook announcement that they were committed to helping evacuees in any way possible, limiting their recreational camping reservations and heavily discounting local plots.


“Our focus and drive by our vocation is to cater to the rebuilding of our community in Tangipahoa Parish and surrounding Parishes,” Jellystone Park said. “This is a decision that serves our community, not our business.”


The park has decided to cancel all previous reservations through October, surveying both workers and evacuees to determine the best time to resume regular activities. 

Cancellations will be transferred either full refunds or site credit, available by emailing


“As we reflect on our place as owners and employees of Jellystone Park in Robert, we recognize that what we do is more than a job; it is our vocation,” a company spokesperson said. “As such, we are dedicated to not only providing a place to build family memories but also to aiding when and where we can assist in the recovery of the areas affected by Hurricane Ida.”


Site and cabin locations are still available for recreational campers on a first-come, first-serve basis. The company recommends calling on Thursday mornings for additional insights. All weekend events, swimming pools, mini-golf courses, and festivities will return in November 2021.


Jellystone Evacuation FAQs


The owners of Jellystone Park want to offer the following FAQs to evacuees and their families.


Q: I need a place to stay. Can I stay at Jellystone Park?

If you have needed to evacuate your home due to the effects of Hurricane Ida, Jellystone Park is here for you. We would be happy to keep you and your family safe until you are back in your home. Please call our main office at 985-542-1507 to learn how we can create a temporary home for your loved ones.


Q: Do you accept FEMA vouchers?

Yes, we do! Bring your FEMA vouchers to the park, and we'll do whatever we can to help.


Q: Do you allow pets to come along?

Pets are allowed in our cabin spaces! For evacuees, all animals come with a discounted $50 charge for cleanup purposes. Don't forget to keep your pets on a leash while outside!


Q: Is there still space available?

RV sites and cabins are still available at Jellystone. Please call us directly to book a site or cabin plot for your family.


Q: What are your prices?

Jellystone Park is offering discounted plots for evacuees. RV Sites are $500 per month, while cabins are $1,000 per month. Learn more by calling 985-542-1507.


Have questions, comments, or suggestions about Jellystone's reservation options? Give us a call at (985) 542-1507 to chat with one of our awesome team members. We hope to see you soon!

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