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How To Have a Backyard Camping Excursion

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If you're wanting to experience the great outdoors but can't make it out to our Louisiana campground in Robert, LA, we have good news! You can have a whole camping excursion from the comfort of your home until you're able to make it back to YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK™. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to have a camping trip in your own backyard!

1. Set ground rules 

Before you set out on your backyard camping adventure, make sure you set a few ground rules with your family make sure everyone's on the same page. Let everyone know in advance whether things like smartphone use and going into the house for things other than the bathroom will be allowed. This will help you create a truly authentic camping experience!

2. Pack

You are going on a camping trip after all! You'll need to pack just like you would if you were traveling to Jellystone Park. Make a list of everything you'll need for an overnight trip including pajamas, sleeping bags, a cooler, and meal-prep items. Have everyone bring their supplies in backpacks and make sure you get pictures and videos of your family "hiking" to their campsite.  

3. Pitch your tent 

You'll want to pick a spot that is in a secluded part of your yard to make it feel like you're out in the open. Make sure you place the tent far away from exterior house lighting so you don't have bright lights invading your tent as you're trying to sleep. Also, face the front of your tent away from your home. That way, you'll look out into trees and greenery whenever you leave your tent and make it more realistic that you're out in the woods! Since you're only traveling the length of your house to the backyard, you can indulge in camping luxuries for your tent like particular pillows, air mattresses, and fans to make sleeping more comfortable. 

4. Do camping activities 

There are plenty of camping activities you can do right in your backyard or in your neighborhood! Go on a "nature hike" around your development, bringing binoculars and/or magnifying glasses to examine any animals or plants you see close up.  There are also many backyard games you can play with your family as well. Get some inspiration with these camping-inspired backyard games

5. Prepare a meal

Take advantage of being in your backyard and use your grill to make meals instead of trying to prepare them over an open flame. However, if you're feeling a little adventurous, use our list of great campfire recipes that are easy to make over an open flame. Also, don't forget s'more supplies for later on! 

6. Build a campfire 

No camping trip would be complete without a campfire to end the night! If you don't have a firepit, consider making one for this occasion. Make sure to check your local regulations or HOA rules before building your fire, though. Or, consider purchasing a portable firepit. These kinds of firepits are enclosed, which makes them safe to use during most fire-bans. Then, gather around the fire and play these fun campfire games.  

7. Sleep under the stars

Congratulations! You just had a successful backyard camping trip! Celebrate by getting some rest and enjoying the sounds of nature around you. 


If planning a backyard camping trip simply isn't enough to satisfy your craving for the outdoors, come to our campground in Robert, Louisiana! With 96 acres of wide-open spaces,  we have plenty of room to help you get out of the house while practicing social distancing guidelines. In an effort to keep our rangers and campers safe, however, we are limiting Rec Center activities. Also, the Ranger Station will only be open for propane refills and ice. Call us at 985-542-1507 if you have any questions. Ready to join us? Reserve your campsite online

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