How to create a perfect campsite picnic

How to create a perfect campsite picnic with at Yogi Bear Campsite in Robert, La;image of picnic spread on red and white checkered blanket with flowers and woman in white dress holding cup with drink in itFrom Charcuterie boards to high-end utensils, picnicking today is not what it used to be! Here's how to have a great picnic at your campsite this spring. What a better way to celebrate warmer weather and great times in the great outdoors? Here is how to plan a perfect campsite picnic when you visit our Louisiana campground. 

The gear

A picnic-er is only as good as his gear! Over the years, picnic gear has changed with beautiful, sustainable, and reusable plates and utensils that are both eco-friendly and up your picnic game. Picnic backpacks come with all the fancy items you need for an elegant picnic, from wine openers to real plates and utensils—no more paper plates! Enamelware dishes work great for campsite picnics as well. When filling your bag, make sure you pack in reverse order so that the items you will need first are on top. Also, bring a plastic bag or two for easy clean-up of dirty dishes when the picnic is over.

If you would rather stay away from the picnic backpack, you can also use canvas bags to plan your meal. Pack your picnic in two canvas bags, an insolated one for chilled food and one for foods that can hold at room temperature. Keep everything organized by packing a layer at the bottom with food, then inserting a small cutting board to act as a shelf in the back so that everything stays in place. Once your get to your picnic site, the cutting board can be the basis of a Charcuterie board (more on that later) or used to set drinks on. 

Don't forget to pack cloth napkins, a few dish towels, and serving utensils! 

 The food 

There are many options when it comes to preparing your picnic meal. Choose dishes that are easy to prepare, can be made in advance, and withstand a bit of travel. The latest trend of preparing Charcuterie boards makes a perfect picnic meal. To ensure an enjoyable experience, pre-cut and slice your fruits, veggies, and cheeses at home and place them in airtight containers. Then, store them in a cooler with ice until you've reached the campsite. 

Swiss, gouda, and aged cheddar are great cheese options for your picnic Charcuterie board. Be sure to bring a variety of crackers, crostini, and extras like nuts and fruit to round out the meal. Place a piece of parchment paper down on your Charcuterie board for quick and easy clean-up that won't leave you walking back to your campsite with soggy leftover cheese and fruit stains on your cutting board. You can either assemble your board before you arrive and warp it up, or put all the elements of the board into separate containers and assemble it on site. 

To arrange your Charcuterie board:

  1. Start by spreading out the meats and cheeses.
  2. Scatter bite-sized vegetables like bell peppers, tomatoes, and olives around the board.
  3. Add the extras like fruit and nuts for pops of color and a bit of variety. 

The atmosphere 

Picking the right spot for your campground picnic will set the tone for the entire outing. At YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™ in Robert, Louisiana, there are plenty of places to enjoy a picnic meal. Whether you opt to stay close to your campsite or spread out a blanket by our fishing lake, you’ll find somewhere with a great atmosphere. Take your picnic on one of our hiking trails and stop whenever the mood strikes to have your meal there. 

 Plan the perfect picnic at Jellystone Park 

Our campground in Robert, Louisiana, is the perfect place to spend a spring weekend camping and picnicking with the family. Reserve your campsite online and check out our event calendar to see what is going on during your visit! 

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