How To Build & Start The Perfect Campfire

How To Build & Start The Perfect Campfire  with Yogi Bear Campground in Robert La trademark logo with yogi bear character and 4 listed ways found in this blogIf you don't build a fire while you're out camping, are you really camping? In our opinion, no! Campfires are a huge part of the outdoor experience. If you're planning to spend any time at all out in the woods (especially with your family), building a good fire is a must.

But not everyone knows how to build fires the right way, or even in a safe manner. Today, we're going to quickly cover the basics of how to make a good fire that is safe, fun, and practical for everyone in your family.

Building The Perfect Campfire: Yogi Bear Style!

Here are some practical hints for building the perfect fire for your camping getaway.

Bring Some Supplies

Fires may be pretty to look at, but they sure are dangerous. That's why it's important to prepare yourself for any possible problems long before they arise.

Here are some basic supplies you should bring with you while building a campfire:

  • Tinder, kindling, and fuel (sticks, branches, and logs)
  • Starter materials like leaves, cotton balls, etc
  • A bucket of water
  • Builder's sand
  • A shovel

If your fire ever begins to grow out of control, start by dousing it with water immediately. Adding sand around the perimeter of the fire pit will help to control its spread, and dampen any flames that seem to be running away. Use your shovel to place materials right where you need to. If something feels off about your fire, don't hesitate to put to a stop to it right away!

At Jellystone Park, we have all sorts of fire-making supplies right here at our General Store. If you forget to bring something with you, or if you need some state-certified firewood, we've got you covered!

Gather Your Wood

One of our favorite pals, Smokey The Bear, has a lot to say about building a safe fire. Make sure that the wood you are gathering is dry, clean, and comes from our neck of the woods. Be sure that you aren't using any live tree branches or greenery to start your fire. 'Green' twigs don't burn very well, and breaking them hurts our forest in the process. 

Every time you bring your own firewood, you risk transmitting diseases and pests to our trees! And that's no good. Instead, drop by the Jellystone General Store to pick up some firewood, kindling, and starter fluid.

Stack Piles Properly

Despite rumors on the internet, stacking your firewood is much, much simpler than you may think. Start by placing some easily burnable materials, like twigs, at the center of the fire pit. You have four options:

  1. Teepee Style
  2. Lean-to Style
  3. Cross Style
  4. Log Cabin Style

Once you light your tinder with a match or Bic burner, start adding some kindling and fuel (larger logs) to keep the fire running.

Bring Campfire Food!

What's a fire without marshmallows? Whittle down a long stick, bring a metal kebob, or get some other kind of mechanism for browning up your fluffy treats. If you forget them, no worries! Our General Store carries all the chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows you could ever want!

Stop By Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park For More Campfire Fun

Despite what we've talked about so far, there really is no such thing as a perfect fire. No two campfires are alike, and that's what makes the process so fun! Knowing the basic steps of fire starting, as well as all safety precautions, makes it easy to set up a campfire at record speed.

Now that you're an expert on all things fire building, why not stop by Jellystone Park to put textbook knowledge into action? We've got all the materials you need to make a safe and enjoyable fire, as well as all the right fixin's for a s'mores dinner! Make a campsite reservation now, and we'll catch you in a couple of weeks.

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