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How Jellystone Park Improved Safety After Hurricane Ida

Image of trees down after hurricane in Robert LA, Yogi bear campground with blog title text overlayFor more than 30 years and counting, Jellystone Park has been committed to caring for the health and wellness of our campers. In the wake of Hurricane Ida, we have been searching for new, innovative ways to make our camper's overnight experiences as safe as possible.

Over the past few months, our team has spearheaded construction projects that will secure Jellystone Park against future storms and unexpected events. We believe that it's not just our obligation, but that it's our duty to protect and care for the campers who rely on us most.

For this reason, we want to be as transparent as possible about the modifications we have made around Jellystone, including its cabins, campsites, and RV lots. We have added a complete list of safety changes and current projects below.

All The Ways Jellystone Park Is Committed To Keeping You Safe

Jellystone Park takes camper safety very seriously. Over the past three months, our team has been hard at work developing new ideas to improve security and confidence in our accommodations.

To date, we have begun work on the following projects.

Tree Removal

We have cut up all trees that were damaged or downed by Hurricane Ida. Many trees previously tagged for removal have also been cut and chipped. We are in the process of conducting regular tree safety visits on the premises. This will reduce future concerns related to downed branches after high winds or heavy rains.

Replaced Fences

Hurricane Ida significantly damaged many of our fences here at Jellystone Park. We have completed removing all damaged lines and wooden debris and have replaced and remodeled the fencing accordingly. These updated fences will continue to provide security and privacy without sacrificing camper safety.

Culvert Installation

We have begun removing Cajun Water World's 30-inch culvert to replace it with two separate 36-inch culverts. This more than doubles the culvert's original capacity and dramatically improves drainage on the Northside and Condos area. Additionally, it will significantly reduce the possibility of floods after significant storms such as Hurricane Ida.

Road Restorations

We are currently working on restoring our roadwork and paved areas with brand new asphalt. Construction crews are now digging out potholes and replacing lowered areas with limestone, which should set a durable base that is resistant to wear and tear. This process is currently planned for all roads and will be executed around the entirety of the park over the next few months.

Site Numbers

To date, we have ordered brand-new site numbers for every location in the park. This will replace older numbers that may have been removed or destroyed by high winds or those damaged from heavy weathering. We hope to help visitors locate their rental sites faster and with less difficulty. 

Schedule Your Visit At Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park

Although Hurricane Ida has long since passed, its damaging effects are still impacting the home and business owners of Robert LA. At Jellystone Park, we are committed to making our campgrounds a fun, safe, and welcoming place to stay, no matter what the weather may look like. We hope that our most recent park updates have shown our ongoing commitment to you, your family, and all those you love.

If you're ready to experience a safer, cleaner, more robust camping experience, call Jellystone Park's main office at (985) 542-1507 to schedule your next visit. We're looking forward to serving you how we always have: with safety, speed, and a friendly smile!

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