Fun and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Campsite This Fall
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Fun and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Campsite This Fall

With themed activities happening every weekend in October, it's no wonder why fall is the perfect time to visit YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK™ in Robert, Louisiana. Between trick-or-treating, haunted attractions, "hey" rides, and pumpkin patches, there is a lot to do at our Louisiana campground. In addition to all the activities we have planned, another way to get your family involved in the ghoulish spirit of the season is to decorate your campsite! Here are some easy DIY decorations your family can create to get into a spooky mood.


Not only are carving jack-o-lanterns a traditional Halloween activity, but they're fun to decorate your campsite with. Purchase a carving kit to make decorating your pumpkins easy. Don't forget to bring candles to light up your pumpkins at night! Not a fan of pumpkin guts? No problem. Painting pumpkins with acrylic paint is great for younger children and is a decoration that can be enjoyed during the daytime. Visit Jellystone Park during the weekend of October 4th-6th and get your pumpkins from our very own pumpkin patch! We'll also be hosting a kiddie carnival on the same weekend, which makes it especially popular for families with younger children looking to celebrate Halloween at our Louisiana campground.


Though creating a scarecrow for a weekend camping trip may seem a bit complicated, don't worry. All you need is an old flannel shirt, jeans, hay, and an (optional) pumpkin for its head. Stuff the shirt and jeans with hay, and attach the head using a metal stick. Prop up your scarecrow on a hay bale for added decoration, or stick it in the ground upright. You can even pose your scarecrows around your campsite like they're part of the family.

Hanging Ghosts

Make your entire campsite ready for Halloween by creating these DIY ghosts! They are designed to be set up and torn down within a few days, which makes them the perfect decoration for your weekend camping trip. All you need for this decoration are white balloons, black duct tape, string, and cheesecloth. See a full tutorial here.

Spider Webs

This is another easy decoration that is sure to transform your campsite from drab to spooky-fab! Bring lots of fake spider web material and drape it wherever you see fit: trees, picnic tables, RV awnings, you name it! You can also make spider webs out of sticks and string, like the ones here. Attach fake spiders to your webs by using craft pom-poms and pipe cleaners for an added effect.

DIY Tombstones

Reuse these decorations for multiple seasons with a little preparation before your camping trip. The best part may be coming up with "punny" names to put on the stones. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make gravestones out of cardboard and paper mache. Once at the campsite, stick the gravestones out of the ground at different angles to give the appearance that they've been there for hundreds of years.

Pumpkin Pinatas

Pumpkin pinatas are decorations and an activity all in one! Instead of handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, consider making these reusable pumpkin pinatas and have campsite visitors pull the string to receive their candy. Create several of these pinatas and hang them around the trees at your campsite so that many people can participate at once. You're sure to get a lot of use out of them if you plan to visit Jellystone Park in October, as we will have trick-or-treating every weekend!

Planning on decorating your campsite while visiting our camp-resort this October? Share your spooky campsite with us on our social media pages. We can't wait to see your creations! If you haven't booked your campsite or cabin yet, time is running out. These Halloween themed weekends are very popular with our campers, so we suggest booking your campsite now!

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