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Cochon de Lait weekend at YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK!™

Cochon de LaitAt Jellystone Park, we believe there is nothing better than celebrating our Cajun culture. That's why we have events throughout the year that emphasize Cajun traditions. One of our favorite traditions is our Cochon de Lait weekend. This year, our Cochon de Lait will be held the weekend of March 7th-9th. Have you ever wondered how the practice of Cochon de Lait and fais-do-do got started? So did YOGI BEAR.™ Since he is "SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE BEAR"™ he did a little digging and discovered how these events became a staple in Cajun heritage.

Cochon de Lait history

Cochon de Lait translates as "pig of milk,"  referring to it being a suckling pig traditionally roasted at these events. Today, the term Cochon de Lait is used to define the act of roasting a suckling pig over an open flame. While piglets under 30 pounds were traditionally roasted as part of a Cochon de Lait, now pigs of all sizes are prepared to feed large groups of people. As we all know, they have now turned into all day events.

The exact way the Cochon de Lait got started is unknown. Some say French soldiers in Napoleon's army brought the Cochon de Lait to Louisiana in the early 1800s after settling in the small town of modern-day Mansura. Others say Germans living in St. James Parish in the late 1600s started the pig-roasting practice. These German settlers kept pigs as part of their livestock and had a group of highly skilled butchers who knew how to prepare the suckling pigs in a delicious way. There's no need to travel to Mansura to enjoy a Cochon de Lait, though. Stay right here at our campground in Robert, Louisiana as we throw our own Cochon de Lait on Saturday, March 7th!

Fais-do-do history

Another event we're especially excited for during Jellystone Park's Cochon de Lait weekend is our Fais-do-do on Saturday night after the pig roast. Most Cajuns make the correlation between this term for a dance and the practice of using the same phrase to shush infants to sleep. How they are related can only be speculated—does it refer relatives trying to put babies to sleep before going out on the town for the night? Or, does it refer to cooing infants in designated rooms in the back of the halls where Fais-do-dos were held? Either way, Fais-do-do is lovingly referred to as a public dance with live Cajun music.

Cochon de Lait weekend at Jellystone Park

The tradition of roasting a suckling pig is right here at Jellystone Park in Robert, Louisiana, so you don't need to travel far to get some good Cajun eats. The Cochon de Lait and fais-do-do are coming up very soon on Saturday, March 7th. Be sure to book your cabin or campsite for the weekend using our online reservation system to make sure you're around to join the festivities. If you can't stay overnight but want to be a part of the fun, day passes are available at the Ranger Station for $20 per person. The wonderful sent of cajun spices over an open fire will direct you to the Cochon de Lait's location. Pass the time with new friends, enjoy the campground's amenities, and—of course—get some delicious Cajun food! After the Cochon de Lait, dance off the calories with a good ol' Fais-do-do with live music from the Members Only Band. Did you know that the band started with Jellystone guests jamming out together while camping on site? Most of the band members stay right here at Jellystone, hence their name, "Members Only Band."

Cochon de Lait weekend is sure to be a real treat at Jellystone Park. We can't wait to see you there!

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