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Camping Activities For Rainy Days

a family playing games during a rain shower while campingAny day is fun at YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK™ in Robert, Louisiana, even when it rains! Don't let a little shower dampen your entire camping trip. With a little preparation and a bit of imagination, your family will have a great time at Jellystone Park, regardless of the weather. Grab your rain gear and embrace those rainy days with these fun camping activities!

Play board and card games   

In a generation where entertainment is instantly available on smartphones and tablets, the art of playing board games is lost. Spend a tech-free afternoon at your campsite or in your RV playing nostalgic board and card games! Connect with your kids and grandkids on a whole different level by reminiscing about the games you played when you were their age.

Do campfire games

Who says you need a campfire to play a campfire game? Campfire games are great to play with a group, and most of the time all you need is people gathered into a circle. Check out our blog for some campfire game inspiration. Games like Winking Assassin and Add On Stories can all be played without a campfire—just gather up your crew and start playing!

Complete arts and crafts

There are many crafts you can do at a campsite while staying sheltered from the rain! Another non-tech activity, here are a few ideas to get creative at the campsite. Plus, these crafts only require a few materials to do and can easily be done in a tent or RV.

Marshmallow towers

Grab some marshmallows from your s'more stash and various lengths of sticks for this craft. Have your family construct towers and structures out of the sticks, using the marshmallows as joints to keep the tower stable. Hold a contest to see who can build the tallest and most stable tower in 10 minutes!

Paper boat races

This is a half inside, half outside craft that only requires newspaper or construction paper to do. Have every family member make and decorate a paper boat by following these instructions. Once the rain has calmed down, venture outside to the bayou or pond for a race! See who's boat is the fastest and can go the farthest without sinking.

Raindrop art

This craft allows you to embrace the rain and create a unique work of art at the same time. You'll need watercolor paints, paper, paintbrushes, and rocks (to hold the paper down) for this activity. Take a piece of paper and paint any combination of shapes, designs, or pictures on it. While the paper is still wet, bring it outside in the rain and secure it on a table with the rocks. Then, let the rain do the rest! Leave it outside until it stops raining and the paint dries. You’ll be left with a masterpiece of swirling colors and unique splatters that are worth framing.

Go on a nature hike

A little rain never hurt anyone! Don your rain jackets, boots, and umbrellas and go on a hike in the rain! You may be in for a surprise to see different types of wildlife like frogs, snails, and worms that normally hide when the weather is dry. You can even let the kids jump in a puddle or two. They'll have a blast!

Watch a movie

Turn watching a movie into an event while in your tent or RV! Huddle around a laptop or tablet, pop some popcorn and relax as a family. Movies like A Goofy Movie, Camp Nowhere, The Parent Trap, and Camp Rock are great family-friendly camping-themed movies!

Every day is an adventure at our Louisiana campground, even the rainy ones! In addition to the above activities, you can also enjoy The Dome, a large indoor facility for groups, and the Rec Center is covered as well! If you're wanting to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe environment, we're here for you. Book your campsite today!

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