Best Recipes for a Delicious Camping Trip
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Best Recipes for a Delicious Camping Trip

There's so much to love about camping: the scenery, time with friends, campfires, and food! Looking for some new meals to try out on your next camping trip? We've collected some great recipes that are easily prepared over a campfire or BBQ pit, which makes them perfect dishes for your next visit to YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK™ in Robert, Louisiana.

Cajun shrimp boil packets

Don't want to lug the boiling pot along with you on your next camping trip? You can enjoy all the flavors of a low-country boil on a smaller scale with this recipe. Simply throw shrimp, spices, and veggies of your choice together in aluminum foil packets, then heat them up over an open flame or in the oven. Plus, the foil packets make clean up a breeze! Get full instructions for this recipe here.

Cowboy coffee

There's nothing like a good cup of joe to start your day off right. If you find that you're settling for mediocre coffee while camping—or skipping it altogether—we've got the perfect solution. Cowboy chef Kent Rollins describes how to make a delicious, smooth cup of coffee just like they did in the old west in this video. The key is to boil water and the coffee grounds together, then add cold water so that the grounds settle to the bottom and stay there. You can easily adjust this recipe to use your favorite brand of coffee in any sized container by using a ratio of 1/4 cup coffee grounds to one quart of water.

Campfire pizza

This recipe will be a hit with any little "cubs" accompanying you on your camping trip! Pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and any additional pizza toppings are all you need to make this dish. It's easily prepared in a single cast-iron skillet. See details on how to make it here.

Cherry hand pies

These yummy, fruit-filled pies are sweet enough to enjoy for breakfast or dessert! Using only three ingredients, these mini-pies need a cast-iron skillet, a bit of oil, and a fork to prepare. Learn how to make them by following this recipe.

Mini Quiches

Upgrade your breakfast game with pre-made mini quiches. Prepare these breakfast quiches ahead of time and simply heat them using a campfire or BBQ pit during your camping trip. Plus, no utensils or plates are needed for this bite-sized breakfast dish! See how they're made here.

Meal options at Jellystone Park

Jellystone Park offers several options for campers who just want to kick back, relax, and not worry about cooking during their stay. Cindy's 19th Hole is open on weekends from March to November and on weekdays during the summer, serving staples like hot dogs, hamburgers, and nachos. Our Rec Center also offers snacks like popcorn and slush puppies. If you decide to cook at your campsite but find you are missing some supplies, check out our Ranger Station at the front of the park, which is stocked with lots of camping and food-prep essentials.

We love cookouts of all sorts at Jellystone Park! That's why we have a variety of food-centered weekends throughout the year, like the Cohon de Lait in March and a crawfish boil in May. During these weekends, you'll enjoy great food with fellow campers, along with live music and other events. Check out the weekend event calendar for 2020 for more details. These weekends are very popular with campers, so make sure you reserve your campsite now.

Whether you decide to prepare these recipes at your campsite or join us one of our food-themed weekends at Jellystone Park, we know you'll enjoy your trip to our Louisiana campground. Reservations are now open for 2020, so book your campsite today!

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