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Best Camping Recipes for the Fall

Best Camping Recipes for FallWhen you visit YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™in Robert, Louisiana, there’s so much to do in the fall! From “hey” ride parades to golf cart poker runs, there’s something for everyone! The fun doesn’t end with the activities at our campground, though. Have fun creating some great meals to enjoy while camping. Go beyond hot dogs grilled over a campfire and bring your fall camping meals to the next level with these fabulous recipes!


An absolute staple in the Louisiana community, cooking gumbo outside while camping is a great way to spend the day! Gumbo uses simple ingredients and takes minimal effort to prep. Throw everything in the pot, let it sit, and relax in your lounge chair while the gumbo practically makes itself. Follow this camping-friendly gumbo recipe, which can easily be made over an open flame or outdoor grill. Save some time by chopping all the vegetables at home in prepackaged containers, that way you just need to dump them into the pot and go! 


Another option for classic camping cuisine, chili is the quintessential fall camping dish. Hearty ingredients fill you up and warm you up at the same time! Easy prep and few ingredients mixed together into one pot make it a great option for campers. Try these three chili recipes that include beef, vegetable, and turkey options. When preparing the ground beef or turkey, it’s best to use a traditional stove or grill top to ensure the meat is cooked properly. 

Apple cider 

Skip the store-bought stuff and make apple cider right at your campsite. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy while huddled around the campfire at night. Follow this recipe, which includes ginger, for an added spicy twist. If cooking over the campfire, make sure the pot is far enough away from the central flame so that it doesn’t boil too quickly. You’re looking for a low simmer for a long period of time to allow the spices and apple slices to infuse into this festive fall drink. Adults: add a shot of whiskey to the finished product for an excellent way to relax on a fall evening by the campfire. 

Cheesy tater soup

This potato and cheese soup will fill you up with cheesy goodness. With a combination of milk, cheese, butter, and potatoes, what more could you ask for? This recipe is big enough to feed the entire crew. It was created by cowboy chef Kent Rollins, who’s fed ranching crews all over the country for years. It’s a great dish for large families and friends you’re camping with!  

Camping oatmeal

Making oatmeal at the campsite is an easy and quick breakfast option. This super simple oatmeal to go recipe allows you to measure and pack the ingredients ahead of time and store them in a mason jar. This is perfect for camping because everything is already measured and ready to go. Simply measure out the ingredients and all the toppings you want into individual mason jars. When ready to serve, all you need to do is boil water or milk, pour it into the mason jar, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Can it get any easier? Get creative by allowing family members to create their own oatmeal by adding ingredients like raisins, dried fruit, and chocolate chips. 

Visit Jellystone Park this fall

In addition to cooking at your campsite, YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™ offers a few dining options at our campground. Visit Cindy’s 19th Hole, a snack bar with a full menu of hamburgers, hot dogs, and jambalaya. Forgot to pack something to create your camping meal? Stop by the Ranger Station at the front of the park. We have many of the supplies you need right there! 

Our Louisiana campground is open! It’s a great way to get the family out and about and enjoying nature while safely social distancing. Fall is a popular time to visit the campground, so make sure you book your reservation now!

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