Activities for your Holiday Camping Trip

A picture of Holiday decorations in a camping wooded area; Yogi Bear Campground Robert, La.Add some festive fun to your holiday camping trip with these family-friendly holiday activities. Many of these crafts and activities require simple materials that can be found around the campsite or brought from home, providing a no-stress way to provide some fun to your holiday camping trip. Create even more memories during your family’s holiday camping experience while doing some of these great activities when you visit our Louisiana campground this holiday season! 

Pinecone ornaments 

Pinecones are making a comeback when it comes to holiday decor.  This inexpensive and simple craft will look beautiful in your home and allows everyone in the family to participate. You can leave the pinecone in its natural state with a decorative ribbon and string at the top. Or, bring an assortment of glitter, glue, paint, felt balls, and pipe cleaners and let the creativity flow. The choice is yours! This is a unique keepsake that will help your family remember their holiday camping trip for years to come. Find some inspiration for pinecone ornaments here

Natural garland 

Skip the popcorn this year and create a genuinely unique garland with all-natural materials. Whether you use leaves, painted pinecones, flowers, or acorns, the possibilities are endless. Use colorful ribbon to tie the pieces together and hang on your tree, fireplace, or use as a dining room centerpiece. You can also use various food items like dried out citrus slices, cranberries, and other natural fruits to create your garland.

Campfire hot chocolate

Sipping hot chocolate by the campfire is a perfect holiday camping activity and is so simple to do! Pre-make hot chocolate mix at home and heat milk or water over an open fire to finish off this tasty drink. There are plenty of hot chocolate mix recipes out there, but the best homemade mixes are made with real cocoa powder, sugar, and evaporated milk. Get creative and bring toppings for flavored hot chocolate like crushed candy canes, butterscotch chips, holiday sprinkles, and mini-marshmallows. 

Leaf Christmas trees 

This simple craft only requires sticks, leaves, hot glue, scissors, and multi-shaped hole punches. Have the family gather various styles, shapes, colors, and sizes of leaves they find around the campsite. Everyone should pick one leaf to use as the actual tree. Cut a slit in the center of the leaf and place a stick through it for the tree’s base. Cut up some colorful leaves into various shapes like balls, snowflakes, and stars and hot glue them onto your base leaf. Now you have an all-natural Christmas tree! View full instructions here

Leaf wreath

Another activity that uses the various leaves and materials found around the campsite, this craft creates one-of-a-kind Christmas decor! Take the kids on a nature hike on one of our hiking trails to gather the materials, including different sized leaves. Once you have the right amount of leaves, all that’s left to do is to hole-punch each leaf and string it through the base. You can use a wireframe or simply tie a knot at one end of a piece of string and feed the leaves through it, tying it in a circle once you’re done. 

Salt dough ornaments 

It only takes flour, salt, and water to create ornaments with salt dough. Have the kids pick items from around the campsite to press into the dough and shape it as desired. This can be anything from a leaf, pine branch, pinecone, acorn, or textured rock. Please note that the dough must be baked to set, so this craft is best suited to do while RVing or renting a cabin so you can cook the ornaments right after they’re made.  

Visit YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK for the holidays 

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