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5 things you should do to keep your RV in tip top shape

We want you to enjoy your RV for many years so we asked our friends over at BerryLand Campers to give you a few tips to keep your RV in great condition. Here are the tips they shared.  

Reseal your roof every 6 months - Berryland Campers recommends that you reseal your roof twice a year. Roof resealing is a wise "preventative maintenance" practice to adopt. It is also important that you use sealants compatible with your RV's roof. Water is one of the main enemies of any RV. If you allow your seals to crack and deteriorate, water will seep in to your RV and you will run into big trouble.

Winterize - Putting your RV up for the winter requires some preventive measures. Winterizing your RV can save you costly repair bills due to the damaging results of winter. It is extremely important that you read your owner’s manuals for unit specific winterizing guidelines, but some basics are to:

  • Drain all of the water tanks
  • Remove water from the hot water heater and the water lines
  • Pump Antifreeze through the water lines
  • Cover all external vents
  • Put the RV up on blocks and cover everything to prevent weather and sun damage

Check the air pressure in your tires - Remembering to check the air pressure in your tires frequently is important! Because tires do so much without appearing to need attention, it's easy to forget about them. Seasonal changes or altitude changes can create a rise or drop in the tire’s air pressure as well.

Battery Maintenance - Over time batteries will build up acid near the battery posts or connections. This acid buildup can cause the battery to discharge and fail prematurely. To prevent this from occurring, every 3 months wash the tops of the batteries with a solution of one-fourth cup of baking soda to one and one half gallons of water. Every year you should wash the battery tray and surrounding area. Another good idea is to use a battery minder to keep the batteries charged when the RV is not in use.

Awning care - A camper awning is great, it shades you from the sun and provides you with cover from the rain, but it needs regular care and maintenance.

  • Clean it regularly to remove dirt and debris
  • Lower one end of the awning slightly so rainwater doesn’t pool
  • Treat moving metal parts with silicone spray lubricant
  • Check mounting hardware for loose screws
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