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4 Important Life Lessons for Young Campers

At YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™, families can unplug and enjoy a fun weekend at the end of February! Very soon, everyone will be able to enjoy the great outdoors, starting with our 2017 Rake, Bake and Shake Roundup Weekend and Escape Mardi Gras from February 24-26.

The busy rush of the holidays is behind us, and many Louisiana families are beginning to settle back into a routine; it’s an excellent time to start looking at our 2017 Weekend Themes that run every weekend through November 27. Book a few fun weekend camping getaways with the kids and friends before the year gets too busy. Here in Robert, Louisiana, camping at the most perfect place in the South creates the opportunity for important values to happen with lasting memories.

Here are four important lessons to learn while camping with YOGI BEAR™ and Friends:

  • Spend family time outdoors: For many people, weekdays are plagued with hectic schedules. Show kids how to enjoy quality time with one another while attending one of our fun camping weekends. There are many benefits for spending quality time with family. For example, according to Nourish Interactive, “Spending time as a family is associated with better communication amongst family members and children.”
  • Fresh air is great: Stress can come from many places, and it’s important to find healthy ways to deal with the various pressures of life. Heading out for a camping weekend is a positive way to start anew. Being outdoors gives everyone a boost in their vitamin D levels; additionally, being outdoors means exercise, improvement in focus and concentration, and a better sense of happiness and self-worth.
  • Share responsibility: There are many opportunities to teach kids about camping responsibility. For example, it’s very important to put out the campfire before going to sleep. It’s also important to clean up messes with courtesy to both nature and other visitors. Help teach children how to perform various duties while at Jellystone Park™, and let them take turns helping with different tasks. From packing and unpacking to cooking and cleaning up meals, kids can gain confidence and learn that they’re capable of hard work and praise from friends and family.
  • Work together:Not only can kids become more responsible, they also learn how to work well with others. Through cooking meals together and pitching tents, kids can lend a helping hand. Encourage them to ask questions, be innovative, and delegate responsibilities. Working well with others is a valuable skill that is not only useful in school, but in life.

Camping together is a great way to get outside as a family, and valuable life lessons can often be learned in nature. Be sure to watch Facebook and our website to determine which exciting events will be most fun for your family. Our entire staff looks forward to seeing everyone again soon. 

Here are the first few weeks of our new 2017 calendar!

February 24–26: Rake and Shake and Scout Roundup and Escape Mardi Gras

March 3-5: Cochen de Lait Weekend

March 10-12: Yogi Bear™ Spring Bargain Weekend (40% off sites and cabins)

March 17-19: Irish/ Italian Weekend

March 24-26: Anything Goes! Come see what Yogi ™ has in store!

March 31- April 2: Cindy Bear™ Birthday Weekend/ Spring Fling Block Party (40% off sites and cabins)

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