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4 Camping Traditions for Families to Try at YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK

Cindy, Yogi, and Boo-Boo at Jellystone ParkMany of us have special traditions that shaped our childhood. Joy-filled traditions seem nearly magical when we look back and reflect on them. In doing so, we hope that we can inspire the same feelings of gratitude and harmony in our children. While camping at YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™, there are many opportunities to make traditions that will contribute to childhood-shaping memories.

Families, try these four camping traditions at YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™:

  • Tell stories: While sitting around a campfire, spend time sharing stories with your kids and listening to theirs. Laugh about favorite family memories while making new ones. Then, invite the kids to use their imaginations to create a story as a family. Need help getting started? Try Table Topics for Families and Story Cubes.
  • Take turns cooking: Before leaving for the weekend, plan the weekend menu as a family. Give the kids a turn to be hosts of a camping-themed restaurant and have them create colorful menus for the weekend meals. If they are too little to cook, help them create a simple craft as a table decoration.
  • Make s’mores (or other campfire favorites): S’mores-flavored desserts have been popping up in grocery stores and on Pinterest. While they are delicious substitutes, few desserts can rival the authentic, gooey goodness of a roasted marshmallow between two graham crackers and chocolate. It is great to have some fun sharing and discussing different techniques while roasting that perfect marshmallow—burned-to-a-crisp or slowly and carefully roasted?
  • Go fishing: There is a reason so many country songs mention fishing! There is something memorable and peaceful about an afternoon on one of our lakes in Robert, LA. learning how to fish. Teach kids and teens how to unwind in nature while spending an afternoon in the boat on one of the campground’s two lakes.

Creating family traditions is a fun way to make lasting memories. Plus, spending quality time as a family is something to be cherished. Here at YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™ we are grateful to be part of fun family traditions and lasting memories. What are your family’s favorite camping traditions?

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