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3 Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat of Summer at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park!

In Louisiana, July and August can get warm. That’s just the way Yogi™ and friends like it, of course! It’s the middle of summer across all the parishes in the NOLA area and many families are having a grand time in the great outdoors. For families visiting us at YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™ in Robert, Louisiana, we want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy their visit. Getting outside and being active is what summer is all about!

Yogi™ and friends offer these three ways to stay cool and comfortable while enjoying YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™ in Robert, Louisiana, this summer:

  • Stay hydrated: Camping is so much fun, along with all the other amazing activities here, but we want our guests to take time to drink lots of water and other refreshing liquids throughout the day. Kids, especially, can get dehydrated when they are so active during the summer months. Keep hydration fun with a juicy watermelon or some tasty popsicles throughout the day!
  • Take a dip: At YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™ in Robert, Louisiana, we love the water! We have two swimming pools perfect for a refreshing dip. There are also fun lakes here, perfect for canoeing and kayaking. For some extra fun while staying cool, take a run through our awesome water “sprayground”!
  • Wear light clothing: YOGI BEAR™ and his friends may seem furry, but they advise our campers to wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing and a hat! Don’t forget the sunscreen, as the sun in Louisiana gets bright during the summer months of July and August!

YOGI BEAR™ and his friends love summer in the great outdoors of Robert, Louisiana. Be sure to stay cool and comfortable throughout June and July by following these tips!

We invite everyone to join us for some very special events, like the Great American Picnic, July 27-29, and Boo Boo’s birthday party, August 3-5. Make reservations today for a fun-filled visit to YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™! Call 1-800-349-YOGI or fill out the online form!

Here is our July and August 2018 schedule:

July 27-29: Great American Picnic!
August 3-5: Boo Boo™ Block Party Blast
August 10-12: 19th Annual Acadian Reunion (Members Only Band Saturday Night)
August 17-18: Super Soaker Weekend!
August 24-25: Back to School but the Fun’s Not Over with Game Show Mania! (40% Off Campsites and Cabins)

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